File (Record) Management System

File (Record) Management System systematically stores documents by categorizing and classifying them to the need of users, keeps documents in good condition at all time, and thus offers you an accurate and timely document retrieval.

Barcoding & Indexing System

Barcoding & Indexing System is a search system using Bar-code and Special File Management Software with the special feature to recall documents via fax or e-mail directed to the users. The program carefully stores and categorizes documents based on date and classifies them to different cost centers for cost allocation and internal reporting purposes.

Internet & Online

Internet & Online offers an extended service for document retention to support modern technology. A User Interactive Service connecting between PRO-FILE and the client helps speedy coordination with the Internet Record Management Service allowing the following services on PRO-FILE network:
• Checking current stock of document cartons at PRO-FILE
• Checking current retrieval cartons at client office
• Automated on-line retrieval
• Automated on-line new carton adding
• Automated on-line refile
• Storage cost consolidation
• Check all the record history and etc.